select projects

United States Patent and Trademark Office; Alexandria, Virginia. Landscape plans for this 2 msf campus in the Carlyle neighborhood of Alexandria. The plan featured patented materials in the landscape. Client: LCOR, inc.

Discovery Communications headquarters; Silver Spring, Maryland. Landscape design for a six acre urban site with a publicly accessible sensory garden and urban plaza. Client: Discovery Communications.

Sallie Mae headquarters; Reston, Virginia. Landscape plans for a 12 acre garden in association with a new office complex. Plans included a series of landscape artworks with poems about nature sprinkled though the garden. Client: SOM Architects

West Main Street Cultural Arts District; Louisville, Kentucky. Master plan and streetscape design for a three block area of downtown, which built upon the unique cast iron architecture of the street. Client: Louisville Development Authority.

Belvedere; Louisville, Kentucky. Design for a six acre rooftop garden renovation atop an existing parking structure overlooking the Ohio River. Plans included a waterwall, performance lawn, promenade, and Ohio River pavement pattern to lead visitors to the overlook. Client: Louisville Development Authority.

Centennial Olympic Park; Atlanta, Georgia. Design for 25 acre park in downtown Atlanta. The park was the central public gathering space of the 1996 Summer Olympics and has since become the village green for the city of Atlanta. Client: Georgia World Congress Center.

Celebration Public Realm; Celebration, Florida. Design for parks and streetscapes for 2,000 acre new community. Plans include both formal and informal landscapes to knit together the development into a walkable series of neighborhoods. Client: The Celebration Company.

Coolspring Park; Wilmington, Delaware. Design for a six acre park atop a municipal water supply facility, which was formerly an open air reservoir. The plan included a surface pond, meadow areas, and walking paths, al in service to making the site more accessible to its neighborhood. Client: City of Wilmington.

Disney’s Boardwalk Resort; Orlando, Florida. Landscape design for an 800 room hotel and commercial destination at Disney World. Plans included a retail boardwalk, swimming pools, and courtyards. Client: Disney Development.

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort; Orlando, Florida. Master plan and landscape design for a 2,000 room hotel and conference center at Disney World. Plans included three separate hotel villages and a central pool and amenity area. Client: Disney Development.

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort; Orlando, Florida. Master plan and landscape design for a 3,000 room hotel at Disney World. Plans included three separate hotel villages, two central swimming pools, and a comprehensive trail and water transportation system. Client: Disney Development.

International Friendship Park; Cincinnati, Ohio. Design for a 25 acre riverfront park along the Ohio River. Plans included pathways for walking and cycling interwoven among gardens themed around the Sister Cities of Cincinnati. Client: Cincinnati Park Board.

Muhammad Ali Center, Louisville, Kentucky. Design of a four acre public plaza atop a parking structure for this national museum and visitor center. Client: Downtown Development Corporation.

North Shore Riverfront Park; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Design of a mile long waterfront park and promenade connecting two new stadiums. The park was designed with a river walk built to withstand annual flooding of the Allegheny River. Client: Sports and Exhibition Authority.

Ross’s Landing; Chattanooga, Tennessee. Design of a six acre park and plaza associated with an aquarium on the Tennessee River. Client: River City Company.

Wharf District Park; Boston, Massachusetts. Design of a four acre park atop a tunnel for Interstate 93, part of the Big Dig project that reconnected the historic downtown to Boston Harbor. Client: Massachusetts Turnpike Authority.

Whetstone Brook Resiliency Plan; Brattleboro, Vermont. Master plan for a downtown area that was ravaged by tropical Storm Irene. Plan included new parks and green spaces that provide space for flood waters, as well as a new neighborhood designed to place homes above the 500 year flood elevation. Client: U.S. EPA.

Greening Jefferson Avenue; Richmond, Virginia. Master plan for a six block length of Jefferson Avenue to create a more walkable environment in an emerging neighborhood. Plans include low impact development strategies to reduce storm water runoff. Client: U.S. EPA.

Greening Capital Square; Lansing, MichiganMaster plan for a six acre urban park on the site of an existing parking lot in the center of the state government complex. Plan included a series of landscape gardens that reflect the various ecological types in the state of Michigan.Client: U.S. EPA.

NYCHA Resiliency Plans; New York, New York. Low impact development strategies for 35 public housing sites that were flooded during Superstorm Sandy. Plans included bioretention areas, water squares, porous paving, and underground cisterns, all in service to reducing future flood impacts. Client: New York City Housing Authority.

additional projects

America Online Corporate Headquarters, Loudoun County, Virginia. Landscape design for AOL's headquarters on a 100-acre parcel in Northern Virginia’s technology corridor. Client: America Online

Arthur Capper Townhomes, Washington, DC. Landscape design for streetscape, courtyard and gardens for an urban residential neighborhood in the emerging Southeast waterfront area of Washington. The project included market-rate townhomes, subsidized housing, and a senior residence. Client: Capper/Carrolsburg Venture LLC

Arverne Community Master Plan, Queens, New York. Landscape design for the public realm of this 350-acre residential community with eight distinct neighborhoods. Client: Forest City/Ratner

Brickyard Office Park, Beltsville, Maryland. Landscape design of public realm and landscape architecture for this brownfield redevelopment site of 71 acres. The project embraces a MARC transit station and employs a series of walkways and courtyards to provide clear, safe, and convenient pedestrian access to the station. Client: Jackson Shaw

Bryn Eyre Master Plan, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Master plan for a mixed-use new town on the 3,000 acre site of an existing ore mine. The plan combines neo-traditional planning principles and brownfield reclamation strategies to provide necessary facilities and amenities for residential, commercial, and recreational uses. Client: Arcadia Land Company

Cantera Master Plan, Warrenville, Illinois.Master plan and design guidelines for a 650-acre mixed-use development on the site of a former gravel quarry. Client: LaSalle Partners

Capital One headquarters, McLean, Virginia. Landscape design for a corporate office campus, comprising over 2 million square feet ofspace, included paths, courtyards, recreational facilities, and a future Metro station. Client: Ai Architects

Central Riverfront Area Maste Plan, New Orleans, Louisiana. Master plan for the landside of the Mississippi River in the French Quarter, Downtown, and Lower Garden District. Client: City of New Orleans

Coldstream Research Campus Master Plan, Lexington, Kentucky. Master plan for a 700-acre mixed-use research park, featuring a town center, open space network and employment uses. The plan incorporates renewable energy and low impact development strategies. Client: University of Kentucky

Congaree Vista, Columbia, South Carolina. Urban design plan for a 200,000 square foot convention center intended to serve as the catalyst of a renaissance in downtown Columbia. Today that neighborhood is a vital mixed use community with residential, retail, and academic uses. Client: City of Columbia

Cool Spring Reservoir, Wilmington, Delaware. Landscape design for a six-acre public park to be built atop a new underground water storage tank as part of a compliance action for the Environmental Protection Agency. The park design includes a wide, shaded promenade connecting it to the surrounding neighborhood, with a perimeter path around new play fields and a wet pond.Client: Pennini Associates

Crystal City Master Plan, Arlington, Virginia. Landscape design of the public realm creating a new system of parks, open spaces, and streetscape for a 300 acre urban neighborhood. Client: Torti Gallas Partners

Disney’s Boardwalk, Orlando, Florida. Landscape design for an 800-room hotel and vacation destination, complete with a boardwalk, formal gardens and a feature pool. Client: Disney Development Company

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, Orlando, Florida. Master plan and landscape design for a 2,000-room hotel and convention center themed around the landscapes of Mexico. Client: Disney Development Company

Disney’s Port Orlaens Resort, Orlando, Florida. Master plan and landscape design for a 3,000-room hotel themed around the landscapesof Louisiana.. Client: Disney Development Company

Eilan, San Antonio, Texas. Landscape design for a 150-acre mixed-use residential and commercial project which featured a grand promenade linking all of the buildings into an urban village. Cient: Wereldhave

North Washington Street Streetscape, Falls Church, Virginia. Landscape design for improvements to North Washington Street which incorporate low impact development principles. In addition to permeable pavements and bioretention, the streetscape will provide a safe and inviting experience for pedestrians. Client: City of Falls Church

O’Neill Federal Office Building, Washington, DC. Landscape design for the headquarters of the U.S. Capitol police and other federal tenants which included perimeter security measures. These measures were designed to be incorporated into street furnishings such as planters, bollards, and seatwalls. Client: Boggs and Partners Architects

Fishers Place, Rockville, Maryland. Landscape design for an office complex which incorporates a pedestrian amenity space that served both the project and its neighbors. Client: JBG

GEICO Redevelopment Plan, Friendship Heights, Maryland. Master plan for the redevelopment of a low density corporate headquarters near a Metro station into a dense mixed use neighborhood. Client: JBG

Georgetown University Landscape Master Plan, Washington, DC. Master plan for an open space system that would link new buildings, parking and athletic facilities to each other and to existing facilities. This work was undertaken to support the comprehensive planning efforts of Robert A.M. Stern. Client: Georgetown University

Greenbelt Station, Prince George’s County, Maryland. Master plan for a 240-acre mixed-use development adjacent to a Metro station. Client: Metroland Development

Jackson Downtown Plan, Jackson, Mississippi. Growth management plan for the state capital. The plan featured the identification of target areas and public improvement zones in order to create private development opportunities. Client: City of Jackson

Jesup Blair Park, Silver Spring, Maryland. Renovation plan for a 14 acre park which includes an historic home and ball fields. The plan included new play areas, picnic grounds, and a pedestrian bridge to Montgomery College, which lay across rail tracks. Client: MNCPPC

Med-Tech Park Master Plan, Johnson City, Tennessee. Master plan for a 130-acre office and research park, which is intended to attract knowledge-based employment. Client: Johnson City Medical Center

Knoxville World’s Fair Site Redevelopment Plan, Knoxville, Tennessee. Master plan for the redevelopment of the 1982 World's Fair site. Plan included retail, office, academic, residential and recreational uses sited around the central park that served as the main amenity for the fair. Client: City of Knoxville

Lakeside Park, Celebration, Florida. Landscape design for a 6 acre active recreation park in Celebration. The recreation area includes a swimming pool, meeting hall, amphitheater, playground, sports courts and picnic areas, all nestled into existing woodlands next to Town Lake. Client: The Celebration Company

Downtown Improvement Plan, Leesburg, Virginia. Streetscape and open space design improvements for the historic downtown area, in an effort to revitalize the retail core. Client: Town of Leesburg

Louisville Riverwalk, Louisville, Kentucky. Landscape design for a two-mile linear park that connects downtown Louisville to the Portland neighborhood. Client: Louisville Department of Public Works

Madeira School, McLean, Virginia. Landscape design for a new library and campus recreation center within the context of a campus pedestrian improvement plan. Client: The Madeira School

Madison Crescent, Prince William County, Virginia. Landscape design for the common areas and park for a mixed use neighborhood town center in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Client: Madison Crescent

Metro West, Vienna, Virginia. Master landscape plan for a 50 acre mixed-use development next to the Vienna Metro station. The open spaces are designed to offer a safe, comfortable and convenient pedestrian system for resdients, employees, and shoppers. Client: Pulte Homes

Milestone, Montgomery County, Maryland. Landscape master plan and design guidelines for a 1,000-acre, mixed-use development, which emphasized walkbilty throughout the community. Client: The Milestone Company

Montgomery College, Takoma Park, Maryland. Landscape master plan for a 20 acre campus. Work also included landscape design for the first two new buildings. Client: Einhorn Yaffee Prescott

Mount Clare Junction, Baltimore, Maryland. Project Designer for providing a plan to redevelop 35 acres of a railyard that is adjacent to theNational Museum of Railroading. The plan features a strong axis between the museum roundhouse and the shopping galleria including a “railroad track” pavement promenade. Client: TSP Development

Northern Ward 7 Waterfront Plan, Washington, DC. Master plan for the waterfront area between Kenilworth Avenue and the Anacostia River. The plan includes robust connections from the river to the Metro station in an effort to stimulate economic revitalization. Client: Anacostia Waterfront Corporation

One Freedom Square, Reston, Virginia. Landscape design for streetscape and a public plaza within Reston Town Center. Client: Boston Properties

Orbital Sciences Headquarters, Dulles, Virginia. Landscape design for a 28 acre site including parks, open spaces, and buffers within a corporate campus. Client: Ai Architecs

Parkside Phase Washington, DC. Landscape design for a mixed used community at the Minnesota Avenue Metro station. Plan included a central park and promenade to create a walkable community. Client: City Interests

Piedmont Triad Research Park, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Master plan for a 13 acre urban redevelopment project. The plan establishes both a pedestrian place and connections to the downtown core. Client: GBQC Architects

Reed Smith, Reed Smith Rooftop Garden, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Principal in Charge for designing a pair of intensive green roofs with expansive views of downtown Pittsburgh.

Richmond Riverfront Plan, Richmond, Virginia. Master plan for the redevelopment of riverfront area of downtown from a largely vacant and industrial area into a mixed use neighborhood. Today the area bustles with residential towers, retail uses, and adventure sports along the rapids of the James River. Client: Richmond Renaissance

Rickenbacker Parkway Study, Franklin County, Ohio. Master plan for land use and growth management as a consequence of a proposed roadway from Rickenbacker Air Base to Interstate 71 in Columbus, Ohio. The plan sought to balance employment and residential land uses in a 5,000-acre zone undergoing a change from an Air Force base to an industrial cargo airport. Client: Burgess and NIple Engineers

Rome Downtown Plan, Rome, New York. Master plan for a small city with a failing retail core. The plan suggested removal of a pedestrian mall that had replaced the main retail street, restoring the street to its historic form as a means to stimulate redevelopment of the downtown. Client: City of Rome

Southern University Master Plan, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Planner for a 500 acre campus which featured an infill approach to expansion to maintain the compactness and walkability of the campus. Client: Southern University

St. Charles Avenue Streetscape, New Orleans, Louisiana. Master plan for streetscape improvements to the ten-block segment of St. Charles Avenue in downtown New Orleans. Client: Downtown Debelopment District

St. Matthews Streetscape Plan, Louisville, Kentucky. Master plan and design guidelines for public improvements in support of the revitalization of a portion of the downtown area. Client: Louisville Developmemt Authority

Stonehouse, James City County, Virginia. Master plan for a 4,500-acre mixed-use residential community near historic Williamsburg, which features a golf course, village center, and trail system. Client: Dominion Land

Time- Life headquarters, Alexandria, Virginia. Landscape plan for a headquarters building located in the Carlyle neighborhood of Alexandria. Client: Smithgroup architects

Twinbrook Commons , Rockville, Maryland. Master landscape plan for a 40 acre mixed-use development at the Twinbrook Metro station. This project received an urban design award from the Congress of New Urbanism and LEED-ND Pilot Gold rating. Client: JBG

University of Illinois Circle Campus, Chicago, Illinois. Renvation of a brutalist-style urban campus into a pedestrian friendly social gathering area with plantings seating, and lighting to humanize the core of the campus. Client: Daniel Coffey Architects

Virginia Beach CBD Master Plan Virginia Beach, Virginia. Master plan for the transformation of a suburban activity center into a walkable central business district. The plan included land use, urban design, and open space planning to create a comprehensive core for a growing city. Client: City of Virginia Beach

Whitehall New Community, Middletown, Delaware. Master plan for a 1,600-acre residential community based on traditional neighborhood development planning principles. The plan featured a comprehensive open space system that also served as a pedestrian and bicycle network. Client: Whitehall Ventures LLC